The Rise Center

Rising Revolutions provides empowering services and supplies for your spiritual needs. We believe in the process of harnessing our power to live an intentional life- this is everyone’s birthright. If you feel called or merely curious, you can build up your awareness with a level of clarity you feel comfortable with. There is nothing we can do that you couldn’t.


  • We offer a wide variety of services, classes, and programs available in person at our Lakewood OH office, via distance, or via travel to you. These include but are not limited to Building or Property Cleansings, NLP, Readings, Healings, Counsel, Development/Mentoring, Coaching, and diving into “the Weird.” If you are uncertain about your road ahead, wish to open and strengthen your abilities, or seek soul nourishment-We are here to support you along your journey.
  • You can find our handmade ritual supplies at The New Moon in Lakewood OH. Each birthed out of guidance by Spirit, our creations came about as we did not resonate with the use of artificial dyes, mysterious perfumes, and toxic compounds found in many of the common metaphysical supplies you find today. In our magik you will find only natural, quality, ethically sourced ingredients. All items are produced in small batches with careful thought and attention placed into each recipe. We are grateful to share oils, powders, salts, ritual baths, floor sweeps, mojos, button spells, cleansing kits, charms, and sigils. 

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