I am Aleister. Greeter, guardian, and guide at The New Moon in Lakewood, Ohio. And this is my story.


black cat with witch

This photo of me in my youth with my witch, Dawn, was taken shortly after I moved in to The New Moon.


The Beginning: Part 1


I suppose it makes the most sense to begin where it all began, right from the very beginning. I was born in Avon, Ohio to a litter of six brothers and sisters. We all looked exactly alike, sometimes our mother could hardly tell us apart. Yet somehow, I always knew I was different, destined for something greater than a life eating Fancy Feast in the suburbs.

Several prospective subjects came to look at the litter, hoping to bring a new member into their family. Some of them appeared to be agreeable enough, but it was clear that they were merely looking for a pet and not a familiar. That’s when I met my witch, Dawn.

From the very second that I saw her, I knew she was the one. I broke away from my brothers and sisters and ran up to introduce myself. She looked down and smiled at me, then as she picked me up, and our separate energies melded into one. Dawn was my witch and I, Aleister, was her familiar.

She took me back to Lakewood to meet my new family and the moment I stepped paw in The New Moon I knew I was home. The sights, the smells, all of the possibilities that a curious cat like myself might encounter, it was all just so wonderful.

I strutted around the shop, admiring all of my new things. Candles, crystals, incense, books and so much more; truly a familiars’ (and a witches) dream! The most notable thing however, was the incredibly positive energy and love that abounded; so peaceful and calming, yet exciting and alive with unbridled joy and happiness. I knew that this place and the people in it were special and it was my duty to protect it all.


The Beginning: Part 2


After three days of patrolling and surveying my dominion, my humans still had not decided what to call me. Though I consistently told them my name, it always seemed to fall on deaf ears.

I was lounging in my favorite window seat, my family cooing over my comeliness and trying to think of a proper name for me, when someone walked by. I would later learn that this was my neighbor but at that time it was nevertheless obvious that this person was a friend because she was invited in to meet me.

Without speaking a word, I said to her, “good afternoon, my name is Aleister.” “Hello Aleister, it’s a pleasure to meet you” she replied silently. I was so relieved to meet someone with whom I could communicate!

The humans stood around me, discussing a potential moniker for me. Mildly offended by the trailing list of archetypal black cat names being proposed, I left the room.

“His name is Aleister” said the new person.

My family stared at her for a moment, slightly shocked by the matter of fact nature in which her statement was made and asked, “How do you know?”

“He just told me” she responded. “Call him, he’ll come out.”

“Aleister” they called out.

Finally! I reentered the room, delighted that they had at long last correctly addressed me. The humans were also pleased with this outcome and I was henceforth identified as Aleister, the name by which my friends and colleagues call me.

Providing that I am not occupied with important work that requires my immediate attention, I am always obliging to admirers who wish to see me. If I am not already in the shop area or having a rest in the window when you arrive, please request my presence at your next visit to The New Moon! I will be looking forward to seeing your friendly faces!