Since my beginning at The New Moon, I have had the honor of meeting many people and making many friends along the way.


Black cat with smiling people

Here is a photo of me with Dawn, Bob and Felicity


Friendly Faces Behind the Counter


I have the privilege of working alongside fellow spiritually gifted healers, light workers, psychic mediums, teachers and talented artists. My amazing colleagues wear many hats, but accept their responsibilities as healers and, above all, prioritize their calling as light workers. They use their knowledge and experience to help others realize their own potential, understand, accept, and develop their natural magic. Yet, while they act as guides to others, they remain humble and still appreciate and enjoy the lessons that can be learned from those that walk in and become a part of our daily lives. I have witnessed their healing first hand and must say, it is truly an honor to call these people colleagues.

My first confidante was obviously my witch, Dawn. Dawn is a natural witch with a gifted intuition who is kind and gentle, but strong and exudes a confidence that empowers those around her. Along with her husband, Bob, Dawn owns and operates The New Moon with the help of several others, including Felicity. A Lakewood local who loves her community, Felicity is a young woman who is already an adept spiritual healer but is always growing and developing her power. I have enjoyed watching her strengthen her abilities and have no doubt that she will do great things in her future.

Then there is Melinda, a very accomplished soul, energy healer and psychic medium whose enterprising skills have led her to become a published author, featured in several popular pagan publications. Ms. Vickie is a psychic and spiritual medium specializing in tarot card reading. She is also the creator of Once in a Blue Moon Teas & Such through which she makes magically infused organic herbal teas and candles that you can find at the shop. I love when Ms. Vickie comes in because she has animals of her own and has quite a bit of experience in the art of petting.

Other colleagues include a creative and gifted artist named Valerie, who is here to guide others on a transformational journey of personal empowerment. Finally, our resident herbalists are Nicki and Lisa. Nicki is a naturalist who enjoys spending time in nature and Lisa is a health coach and healthcare provider who believes in total wellness by balancing mind, body, and spirit. Their herbs and ingredients always have the most exciting scents for my keen nose to study.

The majority of the people here who identify as witches are solitary practitioners but still understand the importance of what community means and what it takes to bring it together as one. Though each person’s path is different, The New Moon provides a safe and comfortable space where a diverse community of people are welcomed to come together peacefully and without fear of judgement.


You: My Friends, Fans and Visitors


My favorite aspect of my job at The New Moon is entertaining my many friends who come to visit. The New Moon welcomes everyone from individuals who are searching for a spiritual path or are curious about witchcraft to adept practitioners gathering spiritual supplies with which to practice their craft. I’ve met so many wonderful people and particularly enjoy when they introduce their pets and familiars to me. It’s nice to be able to interact with other familiars, I even have a ferret friend named Fiona!

I love greeting our guests and showing them around the shop if I am not feeling to fatigued, otherwise I enjoy simply lounging around and being doted upon by my fans. For passersby, I often flaunt myself in our window, which is currently decorated for Samhain. I must admit that I look fantastic sitting in the display with my sleek black fur. People walking by often stop to admire me and truthfully, I can’t say that I blame them. I like to think that that is one of the most important duties that I have at The New Moon as it brings people to the shop. If, however, I am unavailable to provide my services due to other obligations or naps, any of my wonderful colleagues will be pleased to assist you so do not hesitate to stop by! Though I do encourage you to do me the honor, and yourself the favor, and come to The New Moon to witness me in all my splendor amongst the spooky décor!